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 Our reclaimed wood products bring warmth and a uniqueness to any home or cottage. We salvage each piece of heart pine timbre from century old buildings found across North America, then create rare products available on site. The Oaken Door is one of a few companies that create flooring, furniture, and stairs with this process. We are conveniently located in the heart of the Kawartha Lakes District. Read on about how it’s made. MoreReclaimed_Wood_Products.htmlReclaimed_Wood_Products.htmlReclaimed_Wood_Products.htmlshapeimage_16_link_0
Since The Oaken Door has opened in 1987 it has always been committed to offering the best in hand crafted wood furniture. We are able to satisfy any clients needs with our expansive range of furniture styles and finishes. From rich tropical woods with finishes to accentuate the already stunning pieces to more local wood with traditional finishes our furniture will last for generations. Beautiful hand crafted furniture can be yours to enjoy available at The Oaken Door. More
Create a mood that is right for you and your lifestyle with matching stairs and hardwood floors. A visitor to your home will be impressed by the choices The Oaken Door can help you make to compliment existing or new to come decor. To us, stairs are pieces of furniture too. The same amount of thought should be given to the
style, species of wood, and quality of construction that any other pice of furniture in your home would be given. This insures your staircase will make as much of a bold or subtle statement than any other piece of furniture in your home would. Read on about custom designs. More
The warmth brought to your home by wood flooring will last lifetimes. At The Oaken Door you can choose from a wide variety of wood species and stain to suite your taste and home. The floors can be installed pre-finished or finished on site. Choosing wood flooring for your home not only enhances any decor but also
adds value to your home that will only increase with time. Read more about wood flooring’s health benefits and recyclable factor. More
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For inquiries please email or contact Terry Clancy @ 705-879-9666 mailto:clancy@theoakendoor.cashapeimage_24_link_0