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    We at The Oaken Door believe staircases should be considered pieces of furniture. The same amount of thought should be given to the style, species of wood, and quality of construction that your favorite pieces of furniture were given. The staircase is an area that can make a statement and be the difference between a home and a stunning home.  


    The impression of stairs and railings designed to match your existing or new flooring and home decor will create a unified look that you and visitors alike will enjoy for years. A bold or subtle mood can be created by tying key furniture features and complementing floor colors into your stairs. We offer stairs and hard wood floors in many species, or combination of species to compliment your decor.

    Designed in our showroom and built in our shop, we produce all of our own turnings and can provide the right style for your home.  Custom designed from any wood, in any style, our staircases are original and one of a kind.

Key Benefits of our Furniture

  1. BulletOur own C&C router table cuts our stringers

  1. BulletOur own automatic copy lathe can produce any turning in any wood at reasonable cost.

  1. BulletStaircases custom designed not only for beauty, but for practicality and safety.

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