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   Long before North America was settled, longleaf yellow pine trees grew throughout the southeastern coastal states. The yellow pine trees could be found in forests throughout Florida, Texas and northward to Virginia. 

    The longleaf yellow pine characteristics made it perfect for strong, time enduring building use. The length of potential planks, the density of the wood, and the high resistance to decay made it a popular timber for structures across North America. Trees were harvested after hundreds of years of maturing and at lengths up to 150 feet tall. Early settlers found the heart pine timbers ideal for structural support because of their length and density of the wood. At maturity longleaf yellow pine trees were composed almost entirely of “heart” wood, which is the best part of the tree for use in building. The trees had few branches at their lower end they had a tough resin that hardened and remained in the wood permanently after the tree was cut. These characteristics gave rise to the name heart pine and made the wood dense, strong, and highly resistant to decay and insect damage. Hotels, factories and warehouses constructed of the heart pine from the 1800’s and early 1900’s still remain standing today. 

    Unfortunately do to extensive harvesting, the conversion of timberlands to farms and cities, and changes in the ecology of forest management heart pine trees are scarce. The few that are left are generally not available for harvesting.

   We at the Oaken Door search out these heart pine buildings that are being torn down and create unique products such as flooring, stairs, and custom furniture. We are part of only a few who are taking advantage of the the history behind these old timbers, and bringing it to your home for you to enjoy.   


Key Benefits of Reclaimed Wood

  1. BulletFlooring boards are 5-10 inches in width and are stable because of their age and maturity.  They are also screwed and plugged for extra measure.

  1. BulletThe wood has a rich patina brought out by its age

  1. BulletAll old growth wood comes from previous use, so no new forests are being harvested.

  1. BulletSouthern yellow longleaf pine has the look of our regular knotty pine floors, with the strength and density of oak.

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